Bo Svenson - Writer

His novel, A Dream of America (formerly Dreamers), is recommended reading by Amazon Books. 

His screenplay Don't Call Me Sir! has won: the 2017 Woods Hole Film Festival, the 2017 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood Award of Merit, the 2017 Best of the Best Festival, the 2017 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest, the New York Screenplay Contest’s “Park Avenue Prize for Drama”, the International Independent Film Awards, the Artemis Film Festival, and the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.

His screenplay A Dream of America (formerly Dreamers) won the 2017 Cinema Worldfest Best Screenplay Award, the Illinois International Film Festival Best Screenplay Award, and two Gold Awards at the International Independent Film Awards. 

His screenplay, A Champion For All, also won Best Screenplay at the International Independent Film Awards.

Excerpts from Bo Svenson's novel
A Dream of America (formerly Dreamers)

Chapter 1 [pdf]
Chapter 15 [pdf]


A Dream of America (formerly Dreamers) - a novel by Bo Svenson
(In soft cover and Kindle formats)

Also available in Russian.

Filmography - Writer

Rusty (formerly Donít Call Me Sir! (in pre-production)

A Dream of America (formerly Dreamers) (in pre-production)

A Champion For All (in pre-production)

Khalid (in pre-production)

The Viking Legacy (formerly The Red Cloth) (in pre-production)

Walking Tall - Buford Returns (in pre-production)

Black, in America (in pre-production)

Fate, Two Kids and an E.T. (in pre-production)

Last Chance - Lonely Hearts Square (in pre-production)

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