The Ultimate Acting and Life Lesson: Find and Embrace Your Inner Feel-Good!

Having been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1985, having served on numerous Academy Award selection committees, and having worked with over one hundred Academy Award recipients and/or nominees, including Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino, I know a thing or two about acting — and personality!

It is a fact that those who can communicate their own personality in an engaging manner become stars in their chosen field — be it on stage, screen or television, or in business and politics.

It is our uniqueness, our personality, rendered in an engaging manner, that opens the door to our success in Life.

With the word ‘art’ being derived from the word artificial, and that the greater the art, the less noticeable is the artificiality, being one’s true self is priceless, professionally as well as personally.

Therefore, let’s find and embrace our Inner Feel-Good and let’s not act — Let’s Be!

Bo Svenson



The Ultimate Acting and Life Lesson: Find and Embrace Your Inner Feel-Good!

Bo has conducted his Find and Embrace Your Inner Feel-Good! Workshops all over the world, including at Kadokawa Studios, Tokyo; The Directors’ Playhouse, Los Angeles; Cinecittà Studios, Rome; The Lee Strasberg Institute, Hollywood; Avala Film Studios, Belgrade; Studio Vides, Buenos Aires; Zagreb Film Studios, Croatia; University of Miami, Coral Gables; the Original Alamo Draft House Cinema, Austin; Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles; University of Las Vegas; Capilano University, North Vancouver; and the Golden Panda International Film Festival, Vancouver.



Svenson enchanted and mesmerized a large group of Las Vegas actors and politicians with an intensive workshop hell-bent on teaching actors not to act. It was not only informative and entertaining, it was enthralling .. Victoria Alexander, Rotten Tomatoes

Meeting and working with Bo at this juncture in my life and career has opened me up to new and deeply resonant path. I thank you for putting this seminar together" ... Robert David Cochrane, Open House at the Director’s Playhouse in Los Angeles

I watched them when you said: “If it isn’t on the page, it won’t be on the stage” — and you held their interest and that is quite a feat ... Ralph Singleton, Lecturer, Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles

Mr. Svenson, you have given a true gift to everyone who attended your workshop ... Alicia Seymour, Las Vegas

… an incredible opportunity to learn the craft from an industry veteran… the fact that he’s also an independent film director means that he was able to teach with years of experience from both sides of the camera” ... Barry Green, VP of Women in Film


About the Workshop


  • Mr. Svenson
  • a venue (theatre or auditorium) reserved for two days
  • two large screens
  • video recording equipment and a
  • camera/operator for the on-screen portions


On-camera Participants vs. Observers

  • On-camera participants receive “before and after” on-camera experiences recorded on a flash drive
  • Observers participate in everything except the on-camera experience (minimum of 20 people, no maximum)


In addition to Q&A sessions, Mr. Svenson works individually with the on-camera participants on topics including:

  • Acting — Real Emotions vs. Phony Show
  • Personality — Can't Get Success Without it
  • Think vs. Feel
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Perception = Reality
  • The Situational Components
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Establishing Presence
  • Their ‘hook’ — what sets them apart from all others


Attendees are provided the monologue around which the lessons evolve.

Day One — After the on-camera participants have delivered their video-taped monologue, they are given personalized constructive feedback while watching a video playback of what they did on camera.

Day Two — After the on-camera participants perform the monologue a second time, the two performances are compared, allowing for the participants to experience their growth.

Note: On-camera participants receive a flash drive with their two on-camera experiences from which they can see their progress.


If you are interested co-hosting or sponsoring a workshop, please contact me. Thanks!

Val Verse, Executive Assistant
MagicQuest Entertainment