I’m Val Verse, Head of Operations for MagicQuest Entertainment (“MagicQuest”), Bo’s California corporation since 1975.



Bo's Current Activities:

While keynote speaker at the Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival, Bo also presented his seminar “Criteria for Success in Hollywood: Don’t Act — Be”.

He will be a juror at these upcoming film festivals:

  • 43rd Annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival & Marathon (February 9-19, 2018)
  • 2nd Annual Washington Film Festival (April 13-14, 2018) - Washington, D.C.

His novel Dreamers is available at Amazon.com — in both soft cover and Kindle format, as well as in Russian.

MagicQuest is in pre-production with three award-winning screenplays. To learn more, please go to magicquestentertainment.com.

The awards include the following:

Visit Bo Svenson's IMDb page for current professional information.