This is Bo. I trust that you and your families are well, are less affected by Covid — and that you all stay that way.

This is me in June of 2020. Graying — but feeling better than ever!

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Business-wise, my team at MagicQuest Entertainment — our COO Christel Pauli, Esq., Head of Operations Val Verse, and consultants in the Middle East, Canada, Europe and Asia, and I are focused on the financing of the motion pictures “The Red Cloth”, “Khalid - A Champion For All” and “So Don’t Call Me Sir!”, screenplays that I wrote and that have won more than twenty major film festivals. For more information, please go to magicquestentertainment.com.

For more information about the screenplay wins and nominations, please click on the Awards page.

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The Red Cloth

966 AD. Based on historical facts, a young Norse helmsman sent by the King of Norway to Greenland to find Leif Erickson is caught in a storm and lands with thirty others in North America some 500 years before Columbus. Their encounter with the land’s indigenous people, the Beothuk, did not end well.





Khalid - A Champion For All

Today. A young Arab martial artist arrives in America hoping to find the father he has never met, gets stranded in a California desert town ruled by a corrupt Chief of Police, saves the town — and ends up winning the respect of both the town and his father.





So Don't Call Me Sir!

Brooklyn, NY. 1946 - 2009. Based on a true story, a young woman saddled with an opioid-addicted mother and alcoholic father decides she will not be like them, that she will stand up for her rights and the rights of all women — long before it becomes fashionable — and does. She is honored worldwide, including in Japan where she received ’The Emperor’s Order of The Rising Sun’.




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