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Here we are… you and I… so here’s something from my heart…

I not only feel that I am fortunate to be where I am in life, I know I am — beginning with being allowed to immigrate to the U.S. by myself at seventeen from my native Sweden; surviving six years in the U.S. Marines at a time many didn’t; making a living for fifty years in Hollywood; having been everywhere on Earth, including Antarctica; having had face-to-face talks with good people like Federico Fellini and Mohammed Ali, as well as with the worst like Pablo Escobar and Slobodan Milosevic. So to know that I am still appreciated and working is an extraordinary thing for which I am eternally grateful.

Current Activities:

My novel For Love and Country A Dream of America is available at — in both soft cover and Kindle format.

My California corporation MagicQuest Entertainment (“MQE”) has since 1975 amassed not only valued experience but also a number of unique and influential intellectual properties (screenplays). We are presently in the process of developing several of these into movies. To learn about the MQE team’s activities, please go to

Even though they have yet to be produced, two of the screenplays have already been recognized with awards:

For Love and Country A Dream of America won the IMDb-recognized International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Feature Scripts and the International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Screenplay - as well as Best Screenplay at the 2016 Illinois International Film Festival.

Don’t Call Me Sir! won International Independent Film Awards Gold Award for Screenplay, Best Screenplay at the 2016 Artemis Film Festival, Best Original Screenplay at the 2016 All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival, 1st Place in the drama category at the 2015 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest, and the Park Avenue Award for Best Screen Play at the 2015 New York Screenplay Contest.




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