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Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your interest — I am amazed and humbled when folks care enough about me and my work to be curious about me.

To be appreciated as the person we know ourselves to be, and would like others to experience, is an extraordinary experience everyone should have, but few do.

I wouldn’t be where I am today, spiritually, emotionally as well as physically, were it not for family, friends and others who seem to appreciate me.

Upcoming Events:

I will proudly be serving as a Sports Commissioner and Field of Play Supervisor at the judo venue at this summer’s Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 July 25 - August 3 (coincidently held at my alma mater UCLA).

My short Made For Each Other with Dennis Hopper is nominated for the Burbank Film Festival 2015 and has been officially selected by the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

Some recent events in my life:

I was a presenter at the Satellite Awards at the time of this year’s Academy Awards ;

I received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Action On Film Awards where a retrospective of my acting, writing, producing and directing work was shown to 1,000 invited guests at a black tie gala event in Pasadena; and

I was inducted into The Martial Arts Hall of Fame at the 2014 banquet (that I also officiated as the Master of Ceremonies);

On my front burner:

I am inching ahead as writer, lead producer and director of the motion picture "Don't Call Me Sir!” that is based on the life of Brooklyn-born Rusty Kanokogi, nee Rena Glickman, who got women’s judo accepted as a competitive sport and an Olympic event and who is to be portrayed by Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison.

I am readying for publication my novel “For Love And Country”, a 350-page love story from which you will find excerpts in the “Writer” section.



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